The Next Diane Sawyer

As my summer days quickly dwindle away, drowned in college packing and unbearable humidity, I find myself becoming increasingly excited to have a career.
If you don’t know, I am majoring in Communications in hopes of pursuing a career in Journalism and Broadcasting.
I want to be on Good Morning America.
I want to be the next Diane Sawyer.
I understand that my chances are slim, but for once in my life I believe that I can do it! I’m excited to achieve something that seems so out of reach from the hands of a girl from a small farm town. I will work my way up there. I will make my dreams come true!
Yeah, cheesy, but I’m so pumped!
So, in honor of all my excitement and determination, I will share my first three interviews of my broadcasting career!

1. Jeff Holm: Whitecaps First Base

My very first interview (ever) was conducted about two weeks ago. I was way too nervous and wore an unecessary amount of makeup. Nonetheless- I pulled it off! My boss called me the morning before and offered me a spot as the new “player interviewer” at the West Michigan Whitecaps. I was way ecstatic! So here it is. My first of hopefully many interviews!

I was super impressed with Holm. He wasn’t a pig like all the other players! He didn’t hit on me or say some nasty, sexist remark as he walked by. He ended up being a real gem, but he had me worried for a second.

As soon as the camera was turned off, he leaned over and asked, “What are you doing after the game?”
I stammered, “I’m really busy…uhhh yeah.”
He nodded, seeming disappointed. “Ok. Just wanted to know if you wanted to get hammered drunk and play paintball in the dark…”
Ladies and gentlemen- Jeff “Scoop” Holm!
Class act. Gotta love that Holmy the Clown.

2. Zach Kirksey: Whitecaps Outfielder

After Jeff finished up, Mr. Zach Kirksey sat down.
Whoa. What a babe.
I had a harder time with this interview. Jeff was funny and nice. Zach was staring into my soul.
I stumbled over words and asked dumb questions about Mike Tyson face tattoos. Oops.

He didn’t even try to joke with me afterwards. He thinks I’m a weirdo.
Guess ya can’t win ’em all…

3. Random Fans: Star Wars Night

I was feeling on top of the world after I finished up my first two real interviews! Rock on. I wasn’t exactly Diane caliber just yet, but I was working on it! It was Star Wars Night, and fans were dressed to the nines. Our video intern, Paul, suggested that we head out to the front gates to ask fans who their favorite Star Wars character was. We ended up with a goofy video filled with character preferences and even a few Wookie impressions. Enjoy the interesting fans and my less than beautiful facial expressions.

I can’t believe I haven’t been recruited by The View yet!
Kate out.


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